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Susan Felice Turner is a Clinical Psychologist, author, energy healer and animal communicator living on a rescue farm in upstate New York. She has always had a strong connection with animals and nature, Having had a difficult childhood but surrounded by the love of animals, caused her to delve deeply into the world around her and she began understanding the interconnected web of life that runs though all existence. Experience and time have taught her the wisdom of gaining empathy, understanding loss, healing and the power of love which is the message she is called to convey.

About Cimmy & Baird

Cimmy & Baird speaks to the human animal bond that runs deeply when one’s heart is open. It speaks to the ability to communicate and understand other beings as well as to the power of love , friendship and loss. As Cimmy loses his human rescuer, he runs free, making friends with a sad orphaned bear. Cimmy and the Bear quickly become closer and experience many adventures together.

This book also speaks to the horror of hunting as the bear gets shot and Cimmy and the bear run for their lives, landing in a wonderful glen where the Cimmy does not know if he will lose his bear friend. Magic, healing and the power of love combine to assist these unusual and strongly connected friends.

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Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

5 stars
It is a story of love, bonding, friendship, loss, hope, and healing, and it is heartwarming to see how Cimmy copes with the loss of his human friend Jacob and finds his place with another creature. The love between Bear and Cimmy and how that heals Bear is magical and the story reiterates the power and magic of love. The story has been well executed and all the characters are well portrayed and memorable. The narration is descriptive, making the scenes vivid. The story is filled with warmth and love that transcends boundaries, and shows how it is interconnected and runs through all the creatures living in this world. It is a beautiful storybook for children to read and help them understand the inexplicable bond that exists between plants, animals, and humans.

Another recent review of Susan’s book:

Hi Susan,

What a lovely, magical story!

Cimmie and Baird is the story of an unlikely friendship- my favorite kind! It’s a lovely story of adventure, courage, magic, and most of all the power of love. It took me to a magical realm I’d like to visit regularly! More, please!


With love,

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Cimmy & Baird