dealing with griefAbout Sona Bhatnagar, M.D.:

Dr Bhatnagar is a Professional Grief Counselor and first time author with her about to be published memoir, Sona-Gram.

About Grief Healed: A Physician’s Prescription for Thriving After Loss

Dr. Bhatnagar’s soon to be published memoir is the compelling, heart-wrenching story of overcoming nearly unsurmountable loss. Within a short span of time Sona lost both her husband to a motorcycle accident and her son to a highly aggressive form of bone cancer.

Sona’s reaction was entirely human, she suffered from denial, anger, despair – all the stages of grief. Almost ironically, the doctor is herself a grief therapist and her story chronicles her path to recovery and to a new vision of the future full of hope and joy. Click here to see how she would inspire other to start dealing with grief and read more about Sona’s story.

The good doctor welcomes messages at her website As she says, “That’s what we are all put on earth to do, especially when the world turns dark, and we never expect to see light again: To be kind and help one another.”