Rob AlexanderAbout Rob Alexander:

In 2021, Rob published his second book, a satirical novel called Starlight Cafe.

Rob’s first book, Goodnight and Thanks for the Teeth published by Pan Macmillan, remains a favourite picture book for Australian children keen to learn about tooth fairies.

Rob Alexander grew up in London, but having itchy feet adventured to Australia at the age of 20 via Turkey, India, Thailand and Singapore in the early 1970s. He worked for an English consulting company as a computer programmer in Sydney and Melbourne.
He stayed for a couple of years before returning to London, but missed the Australian lifestyle and returned to start his own computer software business.

Rob has 3 children, lives in a small country town called Daylesford with his wife Ros and their loveable Irish Wolfhound Anya. Rob has retired from corporate life to follow his passion for writing.

He is a keen cyclist, covering numerous kilometres in the course of any week.

About Starlight Cafe:

This is Jack’s story. Jack grew up on a rough council estate in London and has hit a rough patch with his business going to the wall. His Uncle Stan is ready to retire and suggests that Jack take over his long-standing Starlight Cafe. With the help of his partner and friends, Jack transforms the rundown Cafe into a successful gourmet burger bar.

With the future looking bright, the Starlight Cafe begins to attract the attention of ruthless burger chain Mack ‘n’ Morti’s. With the local health inspector on its payroll, Mack & Morti’s plots to bring the Starlight Cafe to a close. But Jack isn’t going to give up without a fight. As the battle of burgers escalates, Jack uncovers a dark secret that reveals things are not all as they seem at Mack ‘n’ Morti’s.

The Starlight Cafe is a story with the lot – gourmet burgers, friendship, love and the power and greed of big business.