paula paganoAbout Paula Pagano:

Originally from New York, Paula Pagano became the #1 San Francisco real estate  agent in her office her first year. In the mid eighties, she obtained her California Broker’s license and over the next thirty years remained a consistent top San Francisco Realtor and surpassed her medical research salary 10 fold.

About Getting The Property Soul’d

Paula’s book, Getting the Property SOUL’D is A Breakthrough System for Successful Stress-Free Buying and Selling. When you spend decades of your life in an industry, you tend to learn a lot. Not only about the industry itself—in this case real estate—but also about human nature. In Paula Pagano’s case, given that she was working in a rather rarified environment—San Francisco, where a lot of the homes, condos and co-ops properties were luxurious—the behaviors, attitudes and actions she witnessed were often seemingly illogical: multi-million dollar deals that went south because of the inclusion or exclusion of something as simple as a washer/dryer or the last few dollars, a buyer who said he wanted a comfortable family-style home for his children but secretly longed for more of a sexy bachelor pad plus the many negotiations that brought out the competing hidden agendas of the buying or selling couples—or couples about to uncouple.

Whether you are a seasoned professional in the real estate arena, aspire to become one, or are someone who is currently “in the market,” thinking of buying or selling your house or apartment, you will learn a great deal from this surprising and unusual book. The rare frankness with which the author tells her own story, and the stories of others with whom she has worked over the years: her fellow real estate agents, her buyers and sellers, her friends and associates, will provide you with an understanding of what to do and what not to do that you could not find anywhere else. Frankly, even if you are someone who will never move from where you are now, this book is a must-read for the insights it provides into why many of us behave as we do at this common crossroads. For most of us, our home is our most valuable non-liquid asset, the asset we hope will appreciate, and, when we’re ready to sell, be appreciated. Therefore, buying and selling are fraught with emotion. This is not haggling over the price of a pair of shoes or even a car: this is the big time. One mistake can cost you plenty, whichever side of the table you are on. If you want to understand what real estate really is—seeing it also, as the author does, as a metaphor for human relationships—be set to meet one of the most remarkable women in this fascinating field—and be prepared to read Getting the Property SOUL’D in one sitting!

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Getting The Property Soul'd