About Pascale Victor:

Pascale VictorField work with an open heart by Pascale Victor is a licensed social worker with a degree from the Columbia University School of Social Work in New York City. Her extensive experience encompasses both direct clinical work and social work administration. She also has experience providing short-term therapy to adolescents, adults, and families, serving as a bridge between her clients and community-based organizations for continued long-term mental health treatment.

She was formerly employed as a hospital social worker where she worked closely with psychiatrists in order to provide social service intervention to the youth who were brought to the pediatric emergency room as a result of mental health or emotional/behavioral problems. She has also been employed part-time as a therapist in a consulting agency where she counseled children, adolescents and young adults with regard to their emotional and social development, academic future and career planning. Additional topics she discussed in therapy included discipline, substance abuse, sexual orientation, identity problems and conflict resolution.

Becoming a well-rounded social worker, especially with her current and past experience in the field, has given her a remarkable perspective on what lies behind each client’s door, and exceptional compassion for her clients, seasoned with a realistic understanding of the oddities and unpredictability of human nature. Her book Field Work With An Open Heart chronicles her many experiences in her field.

About Field Work With An Open Heart:

Field Work with an Open Heart depicts the trials & tribulations, life-changing situations and gratifying outcomes of cases that were worked on by a social worker who conducts home visits. The author, a social worker who has been doing field work throughout New York City for years, takes the reader on a rare journey behind closed doors and into her clients’ lives. Although Field Work with an Open Heart is intended for students and professionals in the social service field thinking of becoming a social worker, it is good reading for everyone, no matter your profession, because it shows human nature in the raw–at its worst, and at its best. You will also learn how difficult and complex situations are handled by experienced and compassionate social work professionals.

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