Palaniswamy GopalAbout Palaniswamy Gopal:

Palaniswamy is an IT Professional in One of the Top MNCs in India after completing Engineering graduation. Like many of us he wasn’t fortunate enough to have his passion as his profession, but gradually started loving his profession he found himself in. Palaniswamy strongly believes it’s the attitude which makes the difference in our journey towards success in any profession that we chose or in the profession that chooses us. He is quite fond of observing people and the process around himself and adapts gradually with the help of observations he has made. In the current dynamic world one who wins is not the stronger or the talented but it is the one who learns and adapts best to the upcoming changes. Palaniswamy has penned all his observations right from the childhood through ten plus years of experience in IT into this book which will inspire and perhaps make a difference in your life

About From Rural to Digital: The Journey Towards Information Technology:

This book is about the interesting journey of a rural guy, who happens to be a first generation graduate. It details all the joy and struggles he encounters entering the world of IT. All the valuable facts and lessons learned in his life are featured, along with the real life incidents for the reader to relate to appropriately. The focus of the book is not only towards reaching the goal and sustaining it, but also on never missing the other hidden treasures in life during the travel.

Though the journey is towards the IT field, the reader can relate regardless of the profession they are in. It’s not just a success story, it’s a story of all the many failures leading towards success. Success can never be tasted easily and this book conveys that fact eloquently. Lessons learned from Palaniswamy’s struggles can be applied as such so that you need not undergo the same pain.

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From Rural To Digital