L.L. WaltersAbout L. L. Walters:

My name is L. L. Walters and I refuse to wrap a Christmas present if I am not totally in the holiday spirit. Each night, I sit on the floor with the sounds of the holidays playing. Smiling, I think happy thoughts as I wrap each gift of the season, with the hope that my joy will be passed on to the one who opens it for the entire year to come.

I am the mother of 3 as well as the grandmother of 3 beautiful children. I believe it is the job of every caregiver to figure out what makes someone “shine”. My goal is to give another opportunity this magical season, to better understand those around us and to help create special memories to last a lifetime.

About Elves Up North – A Family for Castor:

The “Elves Up North – A Family for Castor” – NEW Illustrated Chapter Book – where the readers are part of the story! Come meet a magical wizard named “The Maestro” and help save Christmas this season for Santa Claus:•Soar through the clouds•Bounce along with your new friend, Misty the mouse•Meet the “Elves of Table 12″•Discover why Castor the Elf is feeling down this year•Search for all the “blue” presents he has wrapped to save Christmas•Help him find a family and learn that sometimes they don’t always have to be related•Just don’t get hit in the head with the Cod Fish Biscuit whizzing through the air as you go past! (EWWW!!!)Mildly interactive, this story can be read as a bedtime tale with chapter breaks to stop for the night, or as a read out loud for groups to make new yuletide traditions, as even the elderly can participate and get involved. “Elves Up North – A Family for Castor” offers a unique way to enjoy the holidays, while making smiles and new memories along the way with your family and friends.

About The Fairy Wobble:

Come on an interactive adventure, where the star of the story is YOU! A wizard named “The Maestro” asks for your help to find the missing Earth Fairy, Gwendle. Journey to Mother Nature’s Garden. Meet Aziza, the little Sprix, who is half Pixie and half Sprite. Climb through the Mystic Evergreen tree to save Happy’s Farm by bringing in the season of Spring. Fly down the lane like a fairy. Join the celebration behind the big red barn. Just keep the cat, Pip Pip Piper away from Toddwick and the other Gnomes as she loves to chase them around! (hehe) Read as a traditional story or choose options to increase the fun: one gives tasks which can be done lying in bed, another uses mild physical actions (Great for the Elderly!) and the last can help wear out more active listeners. Although a stand-alone, the Fairy Wobble is Book 1 in the Garden series, celebrating with a twist, the color of yellow and the season of Spring!

Elves Up North by L. L. Walters

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