Kate CousinsAbout Kate Cousins:

Kate Cousins is a former Air Force nerd, where she worked with satellites and radar systems before realizing her true passion was cleaning hippo poop. She made the switch to zookeeping and worked with some amazing animals from penguins and sharks to eagles and antelope until her son’s arrival prompted another career change. Kate lives in Missouri with her family, and her writing inspiration often comes from the animals she works with or the cast of colorful characters she encountered while serving on Active Duty. These days she can be found out walking with her son, working with rescue beagles, or making to-do lists and hiding from them.

About Sierra (Legends of the Birdkin Book 1):

In the year 1840 of the First Age, the Selestian kingdom of Gorn is ruled by the Ri Arda Emalda and the Ri Ardan Aneric. Sierra bir Anona, a young Selestian from an ancient family, has been appointed Emalda’s apprentice, the Ri Keta of Gorn. Sierra is known and loved by the people of Gorn, but not all those in power are pleased by her popularity. When a menacing shadow begins terrorizing Gorn’s eastern border, tensions rise at the palace. Frustrated by the court’s reluctance to act, Sierra and her loyal friends set off to identify the enemy and fight to protect their people. Will they learn the truth in time?


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