Joshua Dyer AuthorAbout Joshua Dyer:

Joshua Dyer writes in several different genres and styles including horror, fantasy, science fiction, and mainstream fiction. He has written for the Los Angeles Times, where some of his fiction won their “Reader’s Choice Award” for best story of the year. When he’s not writing, Dyer likes to read, study languages, play video games, and bake stuff.

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Titles by Joshua Dyer:


Herb Halbert doesn’t like taking high-profile cases. When the Gale examination request came across his desk, he had to take it. With two young kids of his own, this one hit too close to home.

Young Dorothy Gale has committed one of the most gruesome mass killings in Kansas history, and now resides in an asylum. The state, however, isn’t convinced of her diagnosis and wants a re-investigation of the facts. The farther Halbert gets into her elaborate journey through Oz, the deeper the web goes. Herb attempts to uncover the truth behind this bizarre case before Gale goes to trial for an inevitable trip to the electric chair.

tales for all seasons joshua dyerTales For All Seasons Vol 1 – 5

A series of children’s fairy tales first appearing in the Los Angeles Times.

restless joshua dyerRestless

It should have been a simple field experiment. Go in, prove I can do what I claim, and walk out with the cash. If they could see what I see. Feel the helplessness I do when something else takes over. I’ll bet they’re not kept awake at night by the voices in this place. They don’t see the darkness with eyes that follows us all around this estate as we gather proof. This money was going to help my little sister with her surgery. Good intentions and the road to Hell.

axe and emerald joshua dyerAxe and Emerald (The Everdark Saga Book 1)

Rhone McLean can only watch his entire world burn as his wife’s lifeless body disappears into the raging inferno. A mysterious cowboy in black emerges from the ashes of Rhone’s home with a message of hope. His words push McLean into a quest to free Clara, but how much of himself is he ready to sacrifice?

As the nation heals from the deep wounds of a bloody Civil War, McLean ventures into the underbelly of the Western frontier. Here Rhone must confront his worst fear if he is to lower the veil and cross the fog in to the macabre world where Clara is imprisoned.

The Forces of Creation and Destruction position their pieces as their eternal conflict nears its boiling point. With the help of the Pegasus, Bellerophon, Rhone attempts to liberate the seven Towers of Light from the Baron and his legions of the damned and restore balance to Everdark. He will soon learn that the path to Clara passes through the Stones of Power and the collapse of the Dark Territories.