.R. CamelbackAbout J.R. Camelback:

In my stories and tales, I like to place the characters in plots that are swimming the boundaries of integrity and moral purpose amidst the rivers of circumstances which defines their humanity and life’s purpose. In-between IT security assignments, I ride the Arizona sacred hills trails where many find me a familiar figure known to all who live in a place sacred to Apache and Comanche Indians for their hunt on ground sacred to ancestors.

I am also shy and prefer not to share a photo of myself, mainly so that I can still blend into the landscape of wherever I need to be when I research the details that I am meticulous about placing in my works. In this international crime/mystery/thriller eBook TAKING THE QUEEN – a CAPER, I was one of the many who attend the DEF CON convention in Las Vegas, and I make mention of my attendance in the “Author’s Note” that prefaces the CONTENT. And when you buy my book what I’ve written there will give you the knowledge to comprehend why and how the FBI could conduct an enticement scheme at DEF CON, the largest cybersecurity convention in the world, where countries and persons with devious intentions can come to recruit those who want to conduct international mischief and worse.

Please see the website of my publisher daccordpress.com for any news regarding my next efforts, as I am already contemplating using those same characters currently displayed in my eBook TAKING THE QUEEN – a CAPER, Prometheus Foster and Smarty Jason in a SIMILAR truth seeker theme new eBook which AGAIN uses opposing time lines to discover if a whistle blower’s tip regarding a bio weapon the Chinese government plans to unleash on the globe can actually be accomplished, how and when.

About Taking the Queen:

J. R. Camelback’s intriguing international crime caper taking place in opposing lenses of time Taking The Queen – a Caper sets up when an odd team of investigative journalists receive a whistler blower’s tip about a botched FBI enticement operation hidden in government agency redacted & general files under the Freedom Of Information Act.