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Griselda Steiner is a poet, playwright, feature article writer and screenwriter. She lives in Westbeth Artist Residence in the West Village. She has read her poetry at the Cornelia Street Cafe, the Episcopal Actors Guild, the 92Y Tribeca Cafe, the Duplex Club and the Mexican Consulate, NYC. Her poems have been published in literary magazines and appear online in Scene4 arts magazine, as well as in book form by Encircle Publications. In 2012 she hosted an evening of her poetry videos, now on her YouTube channel, “Art in Motion” at the Westbeth Arts Center. Her plays, musical and movie scripts have been read at the Actors Studio, Angelica’s Salon, Women Make Movies, Naked Angels and the Woodstock Fringe, NYC.

About The Silent Power Of Words

This poetry book is a compliation of Griselda Steiner’s poetry that over the years has celebrated “The Silent Power of Words”.

This book presents what I believe to be the best poetry I’ve written, some published – some unpublished, over a span of 50 years that represents a large portion of my life’s work. Some poems and lyrics are part of dramatic works, i.e., lyrics from my musical and theme songs for my plays and screenplays, as well as poetry to be performed within my plays.

— Griselda Steiner

The Silent Power Of Words