evelyn lybellAbout Evelyn Lybelle:

This is Evelyn Lybelle’s first book. Evelyn has a background in education and wishes to share her story that she might reach others who have suffered abuse and let them know they are not alone.

About Dark Souvenirs: A Candid Memoir of Incest and Child Abuse in Middle America:

Dark Souvenirs is the story of a young woman whose childhood was spent struggling to cope with severe sexual and psychological abuse. Bullied by students and teachers alike, and unable to understand what set her apart, she survived day by day trying to placate the monsters around her.

Part unapologetic memoir and part insightful commentary, the author focuses on the lesser known emotional ramifications of abuse, sharing extensively on her experiences in the public schools, both as a student and later, as a teacher. Through her eyes, we witness not only the ravages of abuse, but also the indomitableness of the human spirit.

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