D.C.GomezAbout D.C. Gomez:

D. C. Gomez is an award winner, USA Today Best-selling Author, public speaker, mentor and podcaster. She writes in multiple genres from Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Lit, YA, Children’s Books, and even Devotionals. She has a quirky and at times dark sense of humor that can be seen across her different books.

When she is not creating new stories, D. C. is working on her podcast, Inside the Minds of Authors. The podcast features upcoming and popular authors with new episodes each Friday. These fun and inspiring conversations provide the listeners with an inside look at the creation process of books as well as the charisma of the authors.

D.C. has an undergraduate degree in Film and Television from NYU.  After college, she joined the US Army, where she proudly served for four years. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New England, she now calls Texas her new adoptive home.

About Death’s Intern:

What would you do if Death knocked at your door? For Isis, it was the day her whole life changed. The day retired Army vet Isis Black accidentally knocks a man off a crowded fire escape at a wild party is the day she can’t seem to forget. But when she answers her door to Death standing on the other side with a job offer, she is convinced she’s stuck in a dream she can’t wake from–or maybe a nightmare.

Given three days to decide if she’ll take the position as Death’s Intern for North America, Isis has no idea what to do. On one hand, her life has no purpose and she spends most of her time alone. But working for Death … well, that is ludicrous and somewhat terrifying.

But when Isis’s only friend Bob goes missing, she finds a new focus unlike anything she’s ever experienced before. On top of that, someone is stealing innocents’ souls and sabotaging Death’s efforts to get them to their afterlife.

Is Isis willing to work with Death, a talking cat, and a boy genius to save Bob and all the hopeless souls that are missing?

About The Cat Lady Special:

What would you do if you had nothing to lose?

Angela has reached the end of her rope. Bills are piling up, money is sparse, and her two-timing ex-husband traded her in for a “Barbie” lookalike. Depression and lack of hope put her in a world filled with never-ending pain, and when she loses the one thing she has left—her will to live—she knows there’s nothing left to go back to. Until an unexpected knock on her door wakes her up.

The lonely, sad cat lady comes face to face with a new and exciting opportunity, if only she grabs the bull by the horns and accepts. When she does, she learns of a crazy family secret, but she also finds a way to save herself, and the people she loves most.

The Cat Lady Special is a story of second chances, discovering your inner savior, and of finding hope in the most unexpected places. It will appeal to fans of “How Stella Got her Groove Back” and “Breaking Bad.”

About Charlie, What’s Your Talent?:

“Do I have any talents?” For years many children, and some adults, have been asking themselves this question. In this fun and charming tale we explore the concept of talents and how to find them.

Charlie, normally a happy little boy, is upset and hating school. Charlie is hurt and believes he is useless and without talent. We invite you to join Grandma, as she helps Charlie finds his own talents after a terrible day at school.

After this fun story you will find self-reflection questions, to help children put into practice the principles they learned.

About The Origins Of Constantine:

When the god Anubis needed a friend, the universe sent him the most unlikely companion: a feisty little cat.

Discover how the infamous five-thousand-year-old talking cat, Constantine of the Intern Diaries, became a permanent fixture in the life of Death.

This fast-paced, action-packed Novella will have you turning the page and falling in love with the most unlikely of duos.

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Charlie what's your talent by D. C. Gomez

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