Chip Tudor Independent Authors ForumAbout Chip Tudor:

Chip Tudor has been a professional freelance copywriter for 20+ years and written for recognizable names like Wendy’s, NCR and Iams. He’s published five books on Amazon, numerous comedy dramas on his website and is currently the pastor of Group Life at Fairhaven Church in Dayton, Ohio.

About Soul Pursuit:

An honorably discharged Navy SEAL, Jack Sterling moves to Dayton to emotionally support his recently divorced mother. Rather than find her crushed as he expected, she’s surprisingly energized by a new, religious faith. Hired as a bounty hunter, Jack begins tracking down a war veteran fugitive that jumped bail, while encountering his own spiritual crisis. There’s action, humor and personal reflection as Jack, in a dual pursuit, searches to find a brother in arms and his own soul.

Other titles by Chip:

How to Build a Church Intramural Sports LeagueHow to Build a Church Intramural Sports League:

This book describes how to build a church intramural sports league that engages people beyond worship attendance, promotes community and strategically moves participants deeper into church life to make a spiritual impact.

Available on Amazon

Elements Of Internal Church MarketingElements of Internal Church Marketing: Growing Ministry From Inside Out:

This book outlines a strategy to plan purposefully, market successfully and produce quality events in a church environment that attract participants and make a spiritual impact.

Available on Amazon

Family Stew by Chip Tudor

Family Stew

This collection of stories is told from a humorous perspective about our middle class, suburban family. Parents will laugh as you relate to them. And hopefully be encouraged by some insights. You’ll definitely chuckle at the professionally illustrated cartoons.

Available on Amazon

Christianity For The Average JoeChristianity For The Average Joe: Down with the Basics

Christians differ in their beliefs. And that sometimes makes Christianity seem confusing to those outside the faith. It isn’t. This book offers a simple, conversational explanation about its main concepts–the ones that support everything else. It is written in plain, everyday language for those with little or only a superficial exposure to Christianity that are exploring it for a better understanding of its basic belief system.

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