Carol Nelson Independent Authors ForumAbout Carol Nelson:

Carol received a B.A. & M.A. from SUNY Fredonia in writing, with a minor in art. She is the single mother of two wonderful children, Zoe and Lucca, who inspired her to delve into the world of children’s books. They all currently reside in New Paltz, NY.

About Smirk:

Smirk is a daring compilation of humor columns and illustrations has been described as the love child of Robert Fulgum [All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten] and Erma Bombeck [If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, why am I in the Pits?].  A saucy variety of quirky topics that anyone can relate to, peppered with hysterical mishaps, makes this a hilarious read.  No matter what age, background, gender, or culture you are from you will find  laughing out loud (or at least smirking).

Share the gift of laughter with friends and family ~ each chapter takes only a minute to read and you can jump around and pick it up anywhere.  You will receive eternal gratitude from this single mom in helping her to achieve her goal of making the New York Times Best Sellers List or at the very least afford something other than macaroni & cheese for dinner every night.

About Carol’s Children’s Book Series:

How Did The Zebra Get Its StripesCarol is also working a project with a series of children’s books with titles like “How did the Crab get its Claws?” and “How did the Duck get its Quack?” Have a look at this project at

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