andrena wadeAbout Andrena Wade:

Andrena Wade is a 25 year old Washingtonian with a Caribbean flavor. She is the happy mother of 2 beautiful boys and has been writing since high school. She sings, writes poetry, loves anime, comic books, and the Co-Owner of Hands of Pharaoh Home Made Essentials alongside her fiancee. Her love of fantasy and fun fictional characters has spurned her on to create worlds of her own for others to enjoy.

About Hybrid The Lost Princess (Hybrids of Olymphia):

Demi-human creatures, rivaling gods, and a crumbling kingdom threaten to drag the world into the depths of the ocean. There is only one with the power to stop the coming apocalypse, but will she? This debut novel opens the Hybrid series with a display of literary fireworks. The classic tales of War, love, magic, loss, and the discovery of one’s self take you on a ride that will leave you breathless and seeking your own absolute truth.

Hybrid The Lost Princess