Alison Rand Independent Authors ForumAbout Alison Rand:

Alison was born and raised in Manhattan where she currently lives. She is a licensed Master of Social Work, and while not working in the field at the moment, continues to take continuing education classes to keep up.

She has been an actress, mostly in commercials, and an advertising copywriter.

Alison is an avid dog person and plans for her dog to become a therapy animal to those in need.
In her spare time, she continues to take Italian classes in hope of becoming more proficient. She is also an exercise enthusiast, especially hiking and skiing.

This is her first book.

About A Place Called Grace:

In her self-help book disguised as a memoir of separation and loss, New York actress and social worker Alison Rand shares her life of tragedies–and how she learned to overcome. Her story will help you conquer your own difficulties, no matter how overwhelming they may seem.

Find out how Alison overcame the pain from:

  • Her parent’s divorce that left her alone with her mother at age six while her siblings moved with her father
  • Her brother’s lifelong illness that eventually took his life
  • An agonizing divorce
  • A difficult decision to start all over in Italy
  • Contracting chronic, debilitating nerve pain
  • Breaking her back in an accident that forced her to move back to New York
  • The death of her mother
  • The death of her beloved dog

From dealing with anxiety, deep fear, and intense pain, Alison learns how to find a center of peace and solidity.

But first, there’s her story…

Alison has an outwardly good life; a toned body, plenty of dates, a comfortable daily regimen. Still, she feels stagnant, empty, and as blocked as the river view from her Upper West Side apartment. Now divorced and in her mid-thirties, she has never gotten past the early childhood trauma of being ripped away from her brother and sister when her parents separated. Since then, nothing sticks. No one stays. She craves a sense of permanence–a place to call home.

In desperation, Alison makes a bold, foolhardy move–she relocates to bureaucracy-riddled Rome. She barely speaks the language, knows no one except the elusive Casanova who gave her one vacation night of pleasure, and she has no acting work waiting.

In a series of tragic-comic encounters, she tries to settle into an exotic culture, looks for amore in all the wrong places, and begins to break into the acting world.

After a terrifying accident, Alison’s hopes for an Italian fantasy life come crashing down. Back in New York, the personal tragedies and career obstacles pile up until salvation arrives from an unexpected source.

Come learn how Alison overcame overwhelming difficulty and found a safe and peaceful grounding. Find out who her unexpected source of salvation was. Learn how to conquer your own difficulties and find the peace you’ve been longing for.

Visit Alison’s Rand’s A Place Called Grace website. While there find out more about her book and read her blog with articles on dating woes surviving loss, and more.

Breaking News: Check out Alison new site for her upcoming book, Walking Alison available in late Fall 2023.