A. R. Morris

About A.R. Morris:

A.R. Morris, born in 1990, spent her childhood years on a homestead in rural Alaska where the wild landscape and her many adventures into the woods sparked her love for epic fantasy. At age eleven, her family moved to central Kentucky where she grew up to become a horse trainer and compete in the sport of barrel racing. Never abandoning her wild imagination, she continues to create stories for children through young adult in the world she calls Nythoria.

About How Flynn the Loh’li Conquered His Fears:

Flynn the Loh’li has a problem. He doesn’t know how to encourage his little brother to overcome his fear of water, or how someone can overcome their fears at all. So, before he thinks he can help his brother, Flynn embarks on a mission to conquer his own fear of heights by climbing the tallest mountain in Lok’Ree Valley. But it’s not the climb up that gives him trouble, it’s the climb down!

As Flynn slinks over the craggiest rocks he had ever scaled before, he slips and, CRACK, he falls down a crevice! Frightened and alone, with the sun nearly gone, a glowing butterfly flutters to his aid and encourages him to trust his instincts. Will Flynn do so, or will he risk being stuck down there forever?

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How Flynn the Loh'li conquered his fears