on demand publishing for independent authors

What is On Demand Printing and how can this help me get published?

How on demand publishing has changed the literary landscape.

Let’s first talk about traditional publishing. A book is mass produced on something called an offset press. This is a large scale production which takes a good deal of time to set up and costs thousands of dollars on average for a ‘print run’. The advantage of traditional printing is if say, 10,000 copies are printed the actual cost per piece is fairly low. The downside is it isn’t really worth using traditional printing unless you print thousands of copies because if you do a small run, what with all the prep time and press time, the cost per piece would be extremely high. You might look at it this way. If you produce 10,000 the cost per book might be $2.00, but if you only wanted 50 books the cost per piece might be $200. Not very practical, huh? Read more

on demand publishing for independent authors

Don’t use an On Demand Publisher that keeps inventory or charges you for anything other than the actual printing.

We have heard form many authors over the years how they paid a fortune to have their book designed, and then went with that same company who designed the book for them to have it printed. They are often charged ‘inventory fees’ and their books are brokered onto Amazon and other outlets like Nook. Don’t make the same mistake.

If you need help designing and laying out your book and ebook (which granted can be tricky) use a graphic designer who will do just that for you and then help you post your book onto a On Demand publisher like KDP (formerly Createspace) or Ingram Spark. We recommend the sponsor of this site, Innovation Design Graphics for services for independent authors.

With this type of printing, there is no inventory, the books are printed when they are needed. Yes, even if it is one at a time! You can also order Author’s copies at a great reduced price for your book signings or to sell autographed copies directly on your website. There is essentially not up front cost for the printing of the books.