on demand publishing for independent authors

Inside the Minds of Authors Podcast

Inside The Minds Of Authors Podcast by DC GomezEver wondered what inspires authors to write their book? Inside the Minds of Authors explores this question and many more with popular and up-and-coming authors.

The host, D.C. Gomez- an award winning author, understands the journey authors go through in bringing their works to life and uses her podcast to share it with the world. The podcast features Authors from all genres who are passionate about their craft.


DC’s podcast is a fabulous way to hear about authors, their book and the processes they go thru in writing, publishing and promoting their books. Highly recommended!
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on demand publishing for independent authors

Publicize your book in an hour a day

promotion independent authorsIf you can spend an hour a day online searching for new ways to promote your book you’ll be doing yourself a great favor. Probably about 90% of independent authors never sell over 100 books because they spend a great deal of time writing their books and get them up on Amazon, only to sit back and do nothing about promoting the book. Trust us, people are not going to buy your book just because it’s available for sale. You need to keep at it and realize this will be a long haul campaign. So what to do if you’re just starting out?

To publicize your book you’ll want to find bloggers who will read your book and leave reviews for free, especially those who will take an ebook rather than a hard copy for doing so. Take notice if the blogger lists the review on their own blog website. Read more

on demand publishing for independent authors

Make an Author’s website – just don’t use GoDaddy

It’s a wonderful idea for an author to have a website to promote their book. If you have a single book a page with the title of the book in the url of the website it’s a great thing (www.mygreatnovel.com), if you plan to or have multiple titles you may want to use the author’s name as the url (provided it is available. God help you if your name is John Smith. Maybe use a pseudonym). Link your website to your social media like Facebook and start promoting yourself. Now, perhaps you’ll work with a designer who will handle setting up the hosting for you and not have to determine where that should go. Maybe you’ll use a free wordpress site rather than one you host yourself (see wordpress.com).

Ok but that’s not the topic of this post. This post is a cautionary tale of sorts for those of us who have dealt with GoDaddy as a place to host our websites. Read more

on demand publishing for independent authors

How much does it cost to self publish a book?

You’ve written a book, you want to get it on Amazon and KDP, and maybe a few other online outlets. So, how much does it cost to self publish a book? Well, that all depends…

First you need to lay out the book and come up with some cover art. You can achieve this with desktop publishing software like Adobe Indesign, or more likely for the average user, Word Processing software like Microsoft Word. If you can save the document into a PDF you will have the file you need for the interior to upload.

Your cover art will likely be a PDF and need to be high resolution. For instance 300 dpi. If you’re making the artwork yourself try to save into the PDF format which will preserve the quality of the text (something called vector art) as opposed to saving as a JPG file which will make the type part of the picture (called raster art). Vector art will produce clear text on the cover. All the text on the inside PDF will be vector. When you upload your artwork if the resolution isn’t right generally you’ll get an alert. The on demand publishers we recommend have specifications which make clear what the resolution of the images need to be.

So if you can pull this off by yourself, so far your budget is zero. That being said, hiring a Graphic Design Professional is certainly worth thinking about. They also may be able to help you with the ebook version, which is a little harder to do on your own as it requires the ebook format (.mobi is the final format on Amazon but you can upload an ebook) and an interactive table of contents. How much this will cost depends on the designer, but a top notch graphic designer who can design a professional cover and interior for you could be $2000. A discount designer could be a few hundred. Remember though you generally get what you pay for. Read more

on demand publishing for independent authors

Facebook Marketing

how to self publish a book running a facebook adOk so you’ve published your book. Now people have got to see it. Don’t assume thousands of people will just find your book on Amazon and you’ll vacationing in the Caribbean off of the royalties. You have work to do. One of the best means of getting seen besides a companion website with a blog, is to make a Facebook fanpage. You must have a personal Facebook page to create a fanpage. You’ve seen them and probably liked a few of them. The main difference is you like a fan page whereas you friend someone on a personal page. Read more

on demand publishing for independent authors

On Demand Printers and what has happened to Createspace?

While there are other options to the two main players in on demand publishing for the independent author have been Createspace and Ingram Spark. Createspace has essentially been Amazon’s in demand publisher of choice. They where the sound choice for paperbacks which were mostly text. Affordable, of decent quality and with a fast turnaround and a no hassle integration with Amazon. Recently they were taken over by KDP publishing which has been where you would upload your ebook to appear on Amazon Kindle. The merger is actually a good thing as it makes matters easier if you are just publishing now. One place for both, instead of two. Read more