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Remember we come from love

Dear Friends,

Let us stand in the light of our souls and prove the endurance of goodness, love, truth and beauty. Let us remember we come from love, we are a majestic symphony of light and sound vibrations. Let us shine our light with renewed strength and belief in the goodness of humanity. Let us speak to one another with the music of goodness on our tongues. Let us walk with angels, let us live with the goodness of angels in every step. Let us remind one another that we came not to fall but to rise up in the face of tribulation, to turn our face toward the light and keep the light of love as a beacon toward all that is good in the land.

With much love and infinite blessings, Francine Vale

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Francine Vale Independent Authors Forum

Becoming Your Light Being Self

The time you spend knowing yourself as a being of golden light is time outside of time during which the aging process is held in abeyance, imprints of illness are filled with healing light, and your frequency is excelorated. Therefore, visualize yourself as often as you can, even if only for a few seconds at a time, as your golden light being self. See yourself in this way. Get to know yourself as a golden light being bringing the essence of Divine love more and more into your human body. In this way you will affect others, peace on Earth will one day prevail and your name become a blessing to the world.