The past several blogs, in keeping with the traditional format of this website’s blog, have dealt with exposing injustice at the hands of the government while carrying out investigations and attempted prosecutions. This blog continues in that vein.

This blog sharply criticized Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Mueller was assigned to investigate the Trump 2016 Presidential campaign related to possible Russian collusion, along with any potential obstruction of justice that is associated with the DOJ’s investigation of the matter. Mueller is a surrogate of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is the power behind the throne at the DOJ, dominating the action there since the recusal and feeble legal capabilities of Attorney General Jeff Sessions have relegated him as irrelevant.

Federal Judge T.S. Ellis III, in the case that Mueller brought against Paul Manafort, excoriated Mueller’s prosecution team and characterized the Special Counsel’s office as lying to seek unfettered power, amongst other harsh criticisms—many of which this blog had forewarned about. Manafort was briefly hired by the Trump campaign to help retain delegates during the primary and nomination segments of the Presidential campaign.

In the wee hours of an early winter morning, federal agents, brandishing guns, executed a raid of Manafort’s home that was choreographed by Mueller’s Gestapo. Needless to say, Manafort’s wife was startled by the stormtroopers who frisked her for a gun and employed tactics that were usually reserved for terrorists or drug dealers. Manafort was arrested an indicted on various fraud and tax statues, of which, years earlier, the government had exonerated him—circa 2005.

Judge Ellis III was clear, the government was investigating people and not crimes. People they could pressure into composing testimony that they need to bring down the President. The Judge pondered whether the scope of such an investigation was outside the parameters of the Special Counsel’s limited authority. The government argued otherwise. Ellis III said he would be the judge of that matter and has ordered the Gestapo agents to handover to him the Holy Grail—the unredacted memorandum specifying the scope of Mueller’s assignment.

This is the same document, one of thousands, that Rod Rosenstein has been refusing to turn over to Congressional committees—the eyes and ears of the people—for their review. The Deputy Attorney General has been redacting line after line from other documents that were used as prompts to indict individuals, citing national security interests. As it turns out, what little that has been unredacted has proven to be embarrassing to the DOJ—the national security claims were dubious.

It is to the point now that Congress may soon threaten Rosenstein and others with contempt and possibly impeachment if they refuse to comply in turning over investigation documents. <em>[Do you think they maybe trying to hide something?]</em> The odds are that Rosenstein, who drafted the memorandum related to the purpose and breadth of Mueller’s inquisition, is fearful of how the release of the document may impact his future. The document is alleged to not conform to the Special Counsel statute by not specifying a crime nor scope for Mueller’s reign of terror.

In the matter at hand, Judge Ellis III’s ruling in the Manafort case may have a collateral effect on Mueller’s other cases. The Judge will interpret the Special Counsel’ law for determining the parameters for what Mueller can and cannot investigate—something Rosenstein failed to do.

There are some key points that might have stoked the Judge’s curiosity. Rosenstein’s original authorization to Mueller extended only to matters of “Russian government collusion” [collusion is not a crime] in the 2016 Presidential campaign, not into Ukrainian politics dating back to 2006 and preceding the 2016 Presidential campaign. A Special Counsel cannot be used as a substitute Attorney General.

Rosenstein also has no authority over tax crimes. Only the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Division of Taxes can authorize indictments of tax crimes. Further, Rosenstein’s secretive issuance of expanded authorization for Mueller to investigate these matters turned Mueller into a secretive Inquisitor—unelected and not appointed by elected officials, but having all the powers of federal criminal law enforcement and none of the democratic checks and balances required by the Constitution.

This misconduct could cost the Gestapo their case against Manafort. The Judge may well dismiss the charges for falling outside the scope of the investigation, or exclude the evidence from trial, effectively killing the prosecution’s case, since Rosenstein had waited until after the raid on Manafort’s home to expand the scope of the investigation—a CYA maneuver.

Mueller’s inquisition is also facing peril in yet another case before another federal judge. In a heavy handed choreographed publicity stunt aimed at endearing the Gestapo to the American public, Mueller indicted an assortment of Russian businesses and businessmen—accusing them of interfering with the 2016 Presidential Election. The DOJ made a specious attempt to serve the accused—no one on Team Mueller expected that these cases would ever come to trial.

That’s when Murphy’s Law nipped Mueller in the butt. An American law firm representing one of the accused—Concord Management and Consulting—appeared in court to plead not guilty, ask for a speedy trial, and demand discovery.<em> “Discovery”</em> is an alien word to Mueller and his slugs. The Gestapo asked the court for a delay, claiming that the accused had not been properly served. <em>[Really?]</em>

Judge G. Michael Harvey wasn’t buying Team Mueller’s lame excuse and refused to delay the case, demanding the Gestapo to fork over the discovery. It’s becoming apparent that Mueller and his goon squad of prosecutors, such as the likes of Andrew Weissman, are up to their old tricks—abusing the grand jury process, withholding exculpatory evidence, and knowingly concocting false narratives in order to indict innocent individuals.

And, there is still more bad news on the horizon for the Gestapo. In yet another courtroom, presiding over the sentencing of General Michael Flynn, Judge Emmet G. Sullivan has demanded that Mueller and his henchmen provide Flynn’s attorneys with exculpatory evidence. Flynn pleaded guilty to violating the Logan Act—an obscure statute hardly ever invoked—and lying to FBI agents, despite the fact that the FBI agents did not feel he had lied to them.

This Judge is not to be toyed with—he already took apart corrupt prosecutor Andrew Weissman for framing Alaska’s United States Senator Ted Stevens. Weissman’s misconduct—not turning over exculpatory evidence—resulted in a faulty conviction and destroyed Stevens’ life. The Judge excoriated the slimy prosecutor and reversed Stevens’ conviction. The Judge further sanctioned the prosecutors as in contempt of court. Mueller was presiding over the FBI that handled the Stevens’ investigation at the time.<em> [It seems that old habits die hard.]</em> Judge Sullivan senses something is awry in Flynn’s guilty plea—suspicious that the General pled guilty to a crime he didn’t commit after the Gestapo threatened to prosecute his son.

Meanwhile, the person responsible for allowing this clown car stuffed with ethically strained prosecutors to hit the road, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, is already deep in thickets of a misconduct probe being conducted by the Inspector General’s Office. Rosenstein also authorized Mueller to seek the warrant for the raid and wiretapping of Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Every day, more and more of these subpoenaed materials are making their way to the media through illegal leaks from law enforcement officials.

It is this blog’s belief that when that IG report is made public, Rosenstein will be fired.

The Mueller Team is mostly comprised of lawyers who made campaign donations to the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. With the aid of campaign donations, the DNC was able to fund the phony dossier that served as the basis of the Special Counsel investigation that now pays these lawyers handsomely. They are now reaping the financial rewards for what that dossier bought them.

Rosenstein is also conflicted: He signed off on the FISA warrant that allowed intelligence agencies to spy on Trump’s campaign. He also recommended the firing of James Comey and would become one of the most prominent witnesses in an obstruction of justice charge leveled against the President. The recusal statute in the United States Attorney’s Manual is unambiguous, but it is the most frequently ignored and abused by prosecutors.

The endgame for Rosenstein and Mueller seems to be the indictment or impeachment of the President. No sitting President has ever been indicted, and there are two DOJ opinions and departmental policies written on the subject—during the Nixon and Clinton presidencies. Both opinions contend that indicting a sitting president would be unconstitutional.

No sitting President has ever been subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury—Clinton volunteered to do so and cooked himself. It is doubtful that the Supreme Court will find that the founding fathers would have permitted the most powerful figure central to the governance of the country subject to the whims of a lone prosecutor. The tool the founders created for dealing with a President accused of high cries and/or misdemeanors was the impeachment process.

Mueller has a long way to go before establishing grounds for impeachment, but the longer it takes the better that Team Mueller can continue to ride the gravy train and financially profit themselves from the cash cow handed to them in the guise of the Special Counsel law. And, as this blog closes out, the <em>Wall Street Journal</em> is reporting that United States Intelligence Agencies placed a spy in the Trump Presidential campaign. Only the FBI has the authority to do that. <em>[Why would they do that?]</em> Sounds strangely familiar to how the CIA supported a failed coup aimed at taking down French President Charles de Gaulle in the early 1960’s.

<em>Old habits do die hard</em>.

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