Susan Felice Turner

Who Do You Honor?

In thinking about the full moon and what we honor in life, my thoughts turned to bees. They hold each others feet when they sleep and sleep right next to each other. This is a great source of honor and comfort for them.  So I ask you and myself “Who do you honor? Do you honor your soul’s longing and purpose or do you put your passions off for a nebulous future that may never come?”

Susan Felice Turner

Transition Time:

As we recently have entered the full moon in my sign of Sagittarius, it usually portends a time of going inward and reconnecting with my deeper subconscious. I am finding this time, I want to reach out, learn more, deepen my connection to the world around me. As we all go through this time, it is important to look at what we are drawn to do and honor that so that we continue to grow and move forward. I am excited to invite you along on my journey.

Susan Felice Turner

Lessons from the universe

Hello Again:

Well I am finally back. This has been a week of lessons from the universe, one of them being my issue of procrastination. I have stated I would stop this pattern but looking at ho long it takes me to blog, I realized this needs more work. Another lesson this week was breaking my rib and being forced to slow down. In doing this, I revisited the world of Shannara (a great fantastical world of adventure and mystery) and remembered on a soul level my love of writing and books. This has reinforced how much it means to me to keep writing. The second book in the trilogy of Cimmy & Baird-The Magic Arises will be finished this year. I cannot wait to see where Cimmy’s world takes me. Wherever it is, it will be a place of magic.

Susan Felice Turner

Good Boundaries

Hi all: Still learning to get this blog thing down. Finding that as I go through life, I really am always connected all the time with several dimensions at once. I have been wondering lately why I have been feeling irritable and realized that I take in so much stimulation that I need better boundaries. I really do love other beings including human ones and certainly wish to be loving and kind, not irritable and a grouch. So in that sprit, I wish you all to have good boundaries and to honor yourself and practice self care and indulge in your creative spirit.

Susan Felice Turner

I just published my very first book Cimmy & Baird The magic Arises.

Cimmy & Baird

Hello, this is my very first blog and I am excited. I just published my very first book Cimmy & Baird The magic Arises. On the surface, this is the story of a cat and a bear and their unusual, magical friendship. If one looks below the surface, it is about the power of love, the healing that comes through understanding the interconnected web of life and learning to listen to all species and beings. It is about loyalty and rust and overcoming all obstacles. In my life, I have always been aware of more than what one sees on the surface and I have considered it my mission to help other’s see beyond the veil so to speak. I am also a very normal person, loving to watch movies, eat, have fun with friends. So, While I appear to have two sides I strive for balance. I believe in enjoying this dimension but understanding there are other ones. That being said, now you have met me and I sincerely hope to meet some of you.

Many blessings, namaste..