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The Water Pistol Fight of the Century

smirk water fight Carol NelsonWhen was the last time you had a good old fashioned water fight out on the front lawn?  A hot day, good food, friends and family all around and somebody suddenly decides it’s a good idea to throw a bucket of water on someone.  Well that requires retaliation of course and before you know it the hose comes out and it’s every man for himself.

Everyone has some sort of water device preference it seems be it a water balloon, your average small squirt gun, those long plastic syringe type thingy’s from the dollar store, a simple hose & sprayer to your major soakers that could pass for Rambo’s weapon of choice.  Recently I was invited to climb into this child’s world of water play and had a “blast”. Read more

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The Kids found my Vibrator at the Laundromat

Smirk Carol Nelson vibrator storySo I was watching one of the morning shows as they were interviewing some hot new humor writer that was whoring out her “fabulous” new mommy book on the trials and tribulations of being a mom with only two nannies and how she juggles it all.  Don’t  ya’ just love it when some rich bitch with nothin’ to say, decides on a whim to try to write because she’s bored of being a trophy wife?  {simmer}  Nooooooo….. I’m not bitter that I’m an unemployed single mom with a Masters degree selling her own humor book out of the car trunk like they were fake Coach bags.

Okay, so one of the topics this chick mentioned was regarding how funny it was when her son found her vibrator in the bed one day.  Yup.  It pretty much happens a helluva’ lot to all us mothers at some point since the first thing you learn about your darlings is that they get into all kinds of shit from the moment they can crawl. Read more