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Asiam Luxe

Check out Asiam Luxe, a new luxury, lifestyle online magazine for the Asian Community. Impeccable writing and intriguing articles abound.

Bob Dylan Prints

Elliott Landy author of Woodstock Vision: The Spirit of a Generation and The Band Photographs penned a fascinating article about the making of Bob Dylan Prints and his history of interaction with the famous singer: Here is part of that article: Elliott Landy talks about photographing Bob Dylan in an excerpt from his book, Woodstock Vision. A […]

The Systematic Abuse of Britney Spears:

An interesting post by Cathy Schottenstein author of the upcoming book, Twisted: Conflict, Madness, and the Redemptive Power of a Grandaughter’s Love. Read more about Cathy and Beverley’s fascinating story at cathyschottenstein.com How the Legal System Allowed a Criminal Family to Seize Control of One Woman’s Life The New Yorker recently published a comprehensive article […]

Inside the Minds of Authors Podcast

Ever wondered what inspires authors to write their book? Inside the Minds of Authors explores this question and many more with popular and up-and-coming authors. The host, D.C. Gomez- an award winning author, understands the journey authors go through in bringing their works to life and uses her podcast to share it with the world. […]

Publicize your book in an hour a day

If you can spend an hour a day online searching for new ways to promote your book you’ll be doing yourself a great favor. Probably about 90% of independent authors never sell over 100 books because they spend a great deal of time writing their books and get them up on Amazon, only to sit […]

Service to Others

Dear Friends, As we face a new year filled with uncertainties each one of us is being called on to rethink our priorities and come into balance with those parts of our selves that are certain. We are designed to help one another. When someone helps us we feel wonderful. And when we help another […]

Who Do You Honor?

In thinking about the full moon and what we honor in life, my thoughts turned to bees. They hold each others feet when they sleep and sleep right next to each other. This is a great source of honor and comfort for them.  So I ask you and myself “Who do you honor? Do you […]

Transition Time:

As we recently have entered the full moon in my sign of Sagittarius, it usually portends a time of going inward and reconnecting with my deeper subconscious. I am finding this time, I want to reach out, learn more, deepen my connection to the world around me. As we all go through this time, it […]

Lessons from the universe

Hello Again: Well I am finally back. This has been a week of lessons from the universe, one of them being my issue of procrastination. I have stated I would stop this pattern but looking at ho long it takes me to blog, I realized this needs more work. Another lesson this week was breaking […]

Teen Dating Violence

Adolescents can also be involved in domestic violence relationships. Often times teens are subjected to verbal, emotional and physical abuse by people they are dating. Being stalked by a partner is also common. In today’s world of advanced technology, perpetrators will use their cellular telephones and social media as tools to stalk, threaten, harass and […]