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Service to Others

Dear Friends,

As we face a new year filled with uncertainties each one of us is being called on to rethink our priorities and come into balance with those parts of our selves that are certain. We are designed to help one another. When someone helps us we feel wonderful. And when we help another living being we feel wonderful. This is a certainty. Service to others. Service to others is directed by divinely inspired consciousness.

Here is where Free Will enters the scene for each one’s own unique consciousness as it arises due to its exercise or lack of exercise of Free Will, in concert with collective consciousness, creates a powerful force as it flows in currents of energy through human society. We are experiencing grave uncertainty in direct measure to the grave imbalance of our collective consciousness, which begins with each one’s use of Free Will. Let us accept responsibility for our own lives.

Awakening and expanding the light within, our soul, to remember who we are is where our true power lies. Placing our conscious intention upon an idea automatically expands that idea through synchronicity. In this way we either devolve into helplessness or grow and transform our lives toward a more pure expression of our true authentic selves: powerful beings of light having this disquieting human experience.

A well-directed response in uncertain times is to remember this truth: The choices we make today will shape our future. This is certain. So claim your power, friends. Claim the divine power within you that may have been squashed by negativity pouring into you, changing your divine self into a being of fear or blame or bias. Claim your divine power which functions from serenity, wisdom, love and discipline of the mind, not from hysteria and wild acts of uncontrolled emotion.

Let us, each and every one of us, claim our divinely ordained power of love and wisdom and move into the new year focussing our own unique consciousness more fully toward service to others, in this way affecting collective consciousness which will then move as one divinely inspired force to create from fearful uncertainty the world of peace and love that we long for.

Think about it.

Susan Felice Turner

Who Do You Honor?

In thinking about the full moon and what we honor in life, my thoughts turned to bees. They hold each others feet when they sleep and sleep right next to each other. This is a great source of honor and comfort for them.  So I ask you and myself “Who do you honor? Do you honor your soul’s longing and purpose or do you put your passions off for a nebulous future that may never come?”

Susan Felice Turner

Transition Time:

As we recently have entered the full moon in my sign of Sagittarius, it usually portends a time of going inward and reconnecting with my deeper subconscious. I am finding this time, I want to reach out, learn more, deepen my connection to the world around me. As we all go through this time, it is important to look at what we are drawn to do and honor that so that we continue to grow and move forward. I am excited to invite you along on my journey.

Susan Felice Turner

Lessons from the universe

Hello Again:

Well I am finally back. This has been a week of lessons from the universe, one of them being my issue of procrastination. I have stated I would stop this pattern but looking at ho long it takes me to blog, I realized this needs more work. Another lesson this week was breaking my rib and being forced to slow down. In doing this, I revisited the world of Shannara (a great fantastical world of adventure and mystery) and remembered on a soul level my love of writing and books. This has reinforced how much it means to me to keep writing. The second book in the trilogy of Cimmy & Baird-The Magic Arises will be finished this year. I cannot wait to see where Cimmy’s world takes me. Wherever it is, it will be a place of magic.

Pascale Victor

Teen Dating Violence

Adolescents can also be involved in domestic violence relationships. Often times teens are subjected to verbal, emotional and physical abuse by people they are dating. Being stalked by a partner is also common. In today’s world of advanced technology, perpetrators will use their cellular telephones and social media as tools to stalk, threaten, harass and scare their partners; thereby, ensuring that they remain in control of their relationships.

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Vidal Sassoon is a Fuckin’ Liar

Vidal Sassoon Smirk Carol Nelson FalconeLet’s face it — we all age — we all turn gray. The vanity in us tries to fight the inevitable and in an effort to stay young we turn to hair dye. I personally like to go dye my own locks because whenever I try to get a professional dye job they fuck it up so bad I resemble Don King. Typically after screwing up the first time they try to correct it and dye it three more times, #messedupshit , and I wind up leaving after five hours with three hairs left on my head like crispy bacon.

I have to say though, that Lady Clairol saved my butt when I was out in L.A. My sister took me to this famous hair dresser, “Pierre”, that does the likes of Heather Locklear and Lindsay Lohan. I explained to the guy that I wanted blonde highlights but with one thin streak of red in the front. My sister went next door for a croissant and coffee and by the time she came back the job was just about done. I stared at the train wreck in the mirror with the whole front of my head dyed to a bright fuchsia. I looked like a troll doll!! My sister spit out her croissant in little chunks all over this hot pink horror show. “I can’t let you leave looking like that,” she hysterically laughed. She tells Pierre it looks horrible which offends him and he wasn’t so gentle during the second dying. The end result was a disaster to say the least with me and my sister in tears. On the way home we stopped at Rite-Aid and got a box of Lady Clairol doing it a third time that night. It came out exactly how I tried to explain it to Pierre and it only cost $6 bucks! That and the $200 I blew at Pierre’s’ made it a total of $206 bucks. Oy! Read more

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Stand Up Against Hatred

Dear Friends,

At this precarious time in our country when we Americans worry about the direction our leaders are taking us it is imperative that we move out of blame and negative dialogue and into strength of shared purpose. It is imperative that we eradicate racism. Remember, To harm another is to harm ourselves, to love another is to love ourselves. Stand up against hatred. There is no longer any room for such things as hurting people because our skin is a different shade or because we worship in a different way. At this time it is not more anger or division that is needed. What is desperately needed is joining together with friends and associates to encourage understanding through respectful discussion of religious beliefs, culture and ancestry. Coming together in honest forum as true Americans, accepting one another with awareness that within each person shines a beauteous divine light. Remembering this most precious truth: In the eyes of God, however we choose to envision God, we are all one. We all bleed red. We hurt when we see our neighbor hurt. We all hurt when our children hurt. In one way or another we are responsible for one another’s well being. We are in 21st Century. We need to move forward in a healthy way in this land that we love, and that includes recognizing our shared responsibility. Read more

Susan Felice Turner

Good Boundaries

Hi all: Still learning to get this blog thing down. Finding that as I go through life, I really am always connected all the time with several dimensions at once. I have been wondering lately why I have been feeling irritable and realized that I take in so much stimulation that I need better boundaries. I really do love other beings including human ones and certainly wish to be loving and kind, not irritable and a grouch. So in that sprit, I wish you all to have good boundaries and to honor yourself and practice self care and indulge in your creative spirit.

Susan Felice Turner

I just published my very first book Cimmy & Baird The magic Arises.

Cimmy & Baird

Hello, this is my very first blog and I am excited. I just published my very first book Cimmy & Baird The magic Arises. On the surface, this is the story of a cat and a bear and their unusual, magical friendship. If one looks below the surface, it is about the power of love, the healing that comes through understanding the interconnected web of life and learning to listen to all species and beings. It is about loyalty and rust and overcoming all obstacles. In my life, I have always been aware of more than what one sees on the surface and I have considered it my mission to help other’s see beyond the veil so to speak. I am also a very normal person, loving to watch movies, eat, have fun with friends. So, While I appear to have two sides I strive for balance. I believe in enjoying this dimension but understanding there are other ones. That being said, now you have met me and I sincerely hope to meet some of you.

Many blessings, namaste..

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Make an Author’s website – just don’t use GoDaddy

It’s a wonderful idea for an author to have a website to promote their book. If you have a single book a page with the title of the book in the url of the website it’s a great thing (, if you plan to or have multiple titles you may want to use the author’s name as the url (provided it is available. God help you if your name is John Smith. Maybe use a pseudonym). Link your website to your social media like Facebook and start promoting yourself. Now, perhaps you’ll work with a designer who will handle setting up the hosting for you and not have to determine where that should go. Maybe you’ll use a free wordpress site rather than one you host yourself (see

Ok but that’s not the topic of this post. This post is a cautionary tale of sorts for those of us who have dealt with GoDaddy as a place to host our websites. Read more