on demand publishing for independent authors

Facebook Marketing

how to self publish a book running a facebook adOk so you’ve published your book. Now people have got to see it. Don’t assume thousands of people will just find your book on Amazon and you’ll vacationing in the Caribbean off of the royalties. You have work to do. One of the best means of getting seen besides a companion website with a blog, is to make a Facebook fanpage. You must have a personal Facebook page to create a fanpage. You’ve seen them and probably liked a few of them. The main difference is you like a fan page whereas you friend someone on a personal page. Read more

on demand publishing for independent authors

On Demand Printers and what has happened to Createspace?

While there are other options to the two main players in on demand publishing for the independent author have been Createspace and Ingram Spark. Createspace has essentially been Amazon’s in demand publisher of choice. They where the sound choice for paperbacks which were mostly text. Affordable, of decent quality and with a fast turnaround and a no hassle integration with Amazon. Recently they were taken over by KDP publishing which has been where you would upload your ebook to appear on Amazon Kindle. The merger is actually a good thing as it makes matters easier if you are just publishing now. One place for both, instead of two. Read more

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Becoming Your Light Being Self

The time you spend knowing yourself as a being of golden light is time outside of time during which the aging process is held in abeyance, imprints of illness are filled with healing light, and your frequency is excelorated. Therefore, visualize yourself as often as you can, even if only for a few seconds at a time, as your golden light being self. See yourself in this way. Get to know yourself as a golden light being bringing the essence of Divine love more and more into your human body. In this way you will affect others, peace on Earth will one day prevail and your name become a blessing to the world.