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What is On Demand Printing and how can this help me get published?

How on demand publishing has changed the literary landscape.

Let’s first talk about traditional publishing. A book is mass produced on something called an offset press. This is a large scale production which takes a good deal of time to set up and costs thousands of dollars on average for a ‘print run’. The advantage of traditional printing is if say, 10,000 copies are printed the actual cost per piece is fairly low. The downside is it isn’t really worth using traditional printing unless you print thousands of copies because if you do a small run, what with all the prep time and press time, the cost per piece would be extremely high. You might look at it this way. If you produce 10,000 the cost per book might be $2.00, but if you only wanted 50 books the cost per piece might be $200. Not very practical, huh? Read more

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Deducing the Culprits Behind the Recent Market Volatility

By now, you’ve seen the headlines, full of scary-sounding words like rout and stormplunge and crash.  Whatever you want to call it, investors have certainly endured a rough time over the past few days.  The Dow, dominating the media’s coverage as usual, dropped more than 600 points on February 2, and almost 1,200 points on February 5.  That’s a single-day decline of 4.6%, the largest since 2011.  The other major indexes were shaky, too.

It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen volatility like this.  The S&P 500 skyrocketed almost 20% in 2017.  What was even more amazing last year was how calm and consistent the climb was.  Since the election, any declines have been mere blips on the radar screen.

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Blog Analysis of Corrupt Deep State Probe

Any public relations person worth their salt will advise their clients to get way ahead of any bad news on the horizon by managing and controlling the release of the harmful information whenever possible—attempting to put the best spin possible on the bad news. Thus, explains a leak to the New York Times, a week or so ago, by DOJ sources, regarding government informants and/or spies inserted into the Trump presidential campaign.

Analogous to this is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein [at present, the most conflicted attorney in the world] hijacking of the overdue Inspector General’s report of the DOJ’s handling of the Hillary Clinton espionage and email scandal. Rosenstein is trying to soften and purge the report of evidence and conclusions that may well incriminate him and other higherups at the DOJ. Read more

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The Water Pistol Fight of the Century

smirk water fight Carol NelsonWhen was the last time you had a good old fashioned water fight out on the front lawn?  A hot day, good food, friends and family all around and somebody suddenly decides it’s a good idea to throw a bucket of water on someone.  Well that requires retaliation of course and before you know it the hose comes out and it’s every man for himself.

Everyone has some sort of water device preference it seems be it a water balloon, your average small squirt gun, those long plastic syringe type thingy’s from the dollar store, a simple hose & sprayer to your major soakers that could pass for Rambo’s weapon of choice.  Recently I was invited to climb into this child’s world of water play and had a “blast”. Read more

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The Kids found my Vibrator at the Laundromat

Smirk Carol Nelson vibrator storySo I was watching one of the morning shows as they were interviewing some hot new humor writer that was whoring out her “fabulous” new mommy book on the trials and tribulations of being a mom with only two nannies and how she juggles it all.  Don’t  ya’ just love it when some rich bitch with nothin’ to say, decides on a whim to try to write because she’s bored of being a trophy wife?  {simmer}  Nooooooo….. I’m not bitter that I’m an unemployed single mom with a Masters degree selling her own humor book out of the car trunk like they were fake Coach bags.

Okay, so one of the topics this chick mentioned was regarding how funny it was when her son found her vibrator in the bed one day.  Yup.  It pretty much happens a helluva’ lot to all us mothers at some point since the first thing you learn about your darlings is that they get into all kinds of shit from the moment they can crawl. Read more

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The past several blogs, in keeping with the traditional format of this website’s blog, have dealt with exposing injustice at the hands of the government while carrying out investigations and attempted prosecutions. This blog continues in that vein.

This blog sharply criticized Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Mueller was assigned to investigate the Trump 2016 Presidential campaign related to possible Russian collusion, along with any potential obstruction of justice that is associated with the DOJ’s investigation of the matter. Mueller is a surrogate of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is the power behind the throne at the DOJ, dominating the action there since the recusal and feeble legal capabilities of Attorney General Jeff Sessions have relegated him as irrelevant.

Federal Judge T.S. Ellis III, in the case that Mueller brought against Paul Manafort, excoriated Mueller’s prosecution team and characterized the Special Counsel’s office as lying to seek unfettered power, amongst other harsh criticisms—many of which this blog had forewarned about. Manafort was briefly hired by the Trump campaign to help retain delegates during the primary and nomination segments of the Presidential campaign.
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