Pascale Victor

Hoarding-Clutter Image Rating Scale (CIRS) by: The Department of Health

Hoarders is not simply a show on television, it is real life!!! This issue is so prevalent in today’s society that it has been recently included in the DSM as its own category.  Therapists can now include “hoarding” in mental health reports when they are diagnosing an individual.  You should google “Clutter Image Rating Scale” and you will see different pictures of what is considered hoarding!

hoarding disorder

Pascale Victor

Standard definition of domestic violence

Domestic violence is a range of abusive behaviors used to achieve and maintain power and control over a partner. Domestic violence comes in many different forms, for instance:  Verbal, emotional, physical, psychological, economic, sexual, spiritual, immigration status, isolation from family and friends, social media, pet abuse and basically any tactic that can be used to exert control.

Domestic violence hotlines in NYC:  1-800-621-HOPE (4673) -or- NYC Mayor’s Office to combat domestic violence -or- you may visit a Family Justice Center in your borough which specializes in assisting survivors of domestic violence (no matter what your immigration status is at the time)

National hotline: 1-800-799-7233