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The Independent Authors Forum is a free to use consortium and meeting ground for independently published authors. Here authors may promote their work, exchange ideas, find guidance and fellowship. The forum is also a place for fans of the literary arts to find exciting new indie titles and check out author’s blogs and websites.

Are you an author? There is no cost to join, you need only be a published or soon to be author, poet and/or active blogger who wants to express themselves and share your gift for the literary arts. Click here to drop us a line.

Are you an aspiring author about to write your first book? Read how on demand publishing has revolutionized the industry in our ‘Publishing Tips’ blog section. With some determination and hard work the independent author can get their work out there with essentially no up front cost. If you’ve thought about authoring a book, the time is now.

Do you want to read some amazing books from up and coming Authors from all walks of life? This is the place for the public to find the work of Independent Authors and to discover and share in their triumph upon publishing their work. You’ll find a diverse and exciting group of talented Independent Authors here whose work spans the gamut from the humorous to the tragic, from the light-hearted to the heart-wrenching.

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Featured Book:

A Place Called Grace

A Place Called Grace

A Place Called Grace is Author Alison Rand’s first book. Struggling New York actress Alison has an outwardly good life: toned body, plenty of dates, a comfortable daily regimen. Still, she feels stagnant, empty, and as blocked as the river view from her Upper West Side apartment. Now divorced and in her mid-thirties, she has never gotten past an early childhood trauma of being torn away from her brother and sister when her parents separated. Since then, nothing sticks. No one stays. She craves a sense of permanence, a place to call home. A Place Called Grace is a humorous, hopeful, bittersweet contemporary memoir that shows how a seemingly unmoored existence can find its safe, solid center after all.

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facebookFeatured Author:

Marty Schultz

Marty Shultz Author of No Investors? No Problem.Marty Schultz is a mentor-speaker, angel fund investor, award-winning innovator and creator of some of the top category-leading software companies over his expansive career. His new book:

No Investors? No Problem!

A Serial Bootstrapper’s Playbook for Breakthrough Success on a Shoestring Budget

Is available on Amazon

A Playbook that gives Entrepreneurs the Tools Needed to Avoid Quicksand & Build on Solid Ground.

GeekWire Magazine called 2019 the “Year of the Bootstrapper.” However, this concept cannot be confined to a single year. We have entered into a new era—an era Marty calls “Generation Bootstrap”.

This is where countless young women and men pursue their passions by building meaningful businesses. You can build your own company without the obligations that come from outside investors. When bootstrapping, you can become a successful entrepreneur—on your own terms. If you believe in yourself, Marty’s book will show you the path.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why raising outside money may be the worst decision you’ll ever make.
  • Using creativity and persistence to eliminate obstacles.
  • How being an aspirin leads to success.
  • Magic happens when you make the whole world your focus group.
  • Why ‘failure’ is an outdated concept.
  • How to find and connect with great mentors.
  • Why you need to do every job yourself before hiring.
  • How to pivot when things go wrong – and they will.
  • Why only a short-term focus matters.
  • Using guerilla marketing tactics.
  • How to know when you are ready for an outside investment.

A firm believer in sharing his knowledge with others, Marty mentors entrepreneurs and presents at venture capital and startup conferences on how to bootstrap and grow software companies.

Visit Marty Schultz’s website at